Why Choose TJ Ewbank?

At TJ Ewbank Logs we pride ourselves on the products we offer and the processes we use to ensure they are to best possible standards. We are members of the following:

The HETAS logo stands for:

Good product – We assess producers against European standards for solid biomass fuel, including the absence of any chemical treatment. We are committed to help ensure that consumers get the safest possible offering.

Good product description – Giving customers the choice over which fuel source to choose from is often an issue.  Any firewood you see bearing the HETAS mark is governed by strict guidelines with regards moisture content, length, pack size and country of origin.This information gives you the opportunity to make an informed choice on what fuel goes into your appliance.

Good process – Good process is a large part of the HETAS scheme. The drive behind this is to ensure that consumers get products that always meet a quality standard, so you know what to expect. We assess accredited producers processes in order to see whether they can consistently deliver good products. Consistent fuel will help the reliability of your appliance.

Woodsure is the UK’s new woodfuel quality assurance standard.

Woodsure is not-for-profit scheme provides a straightforward, thorough procedure for assessing the quality and sustainability of woodfuel supplied for use in biomass boilers and woodfuel appliances. The scheme is supported by HETAS. 

Biomass Suppliers List

logo-2The Biomass Suppliers List is a method which is used to provide RHI participants with a simple way to demonstrate that their fuel complies with RHI standards. Suppliers who register their fuel(s) on the List will be required to submit data for audit by the BSL Administrator. Suppliers who successfully register fuel(s) on the RHI Biomass Suppliers List will be permitted to label their compliant products with the BSL mark to illustrate that this fuel complies with RHI sustainability criteria.